iPhone 3D Movie Viewer Review -- Watch 3D Side-By-Side Content on Your iPhone 5 Like the Hasbro my3D


Let's turn your iPhone into a 3D Cinema!! With this coolest iPhone 3D movie viewer, you can enjoy the 3D movies at home or on the road.

I like watching 3D movies, but they give me a headache. One of the few 3D method that don't give me discomfort are the old view master googles. So the Hasbro my3D has been my solution to getting my 3D fix. Unfortunately when I upgraded to the iPhone 5, the my3D no longer worked because of the case design (its longer).

Recently browsing Brando Workshop I came upon the iPhone 3D Movie Viewer. It looked like it should work since the my3D isn't too complicated (It's just plastic and a magnifying lens), so I bit the bullet and bought one. I cheaped out and got the ugly camo version for $8 off.

First off it works, 3D movies and YouTube video play in 3D as expected. Since the isn't a hole on the bottom, you can't use the my3D apps. You can't interact with the phone at all, because the touchscreen is now enclosed in the viewer. Not a big deal for me... I lost interest in the games a while ago.

The new viewer don't have to be adjusted to view normal sbs 3d content unlike the my3d (see article). The middle eye wall is centered correctly, and without the finger holes there isn't any light leak from the bottom. However the interior is using glossy plastic which causes light reflection on the sides of the video.

Another problem is the iPhone fit is very tight and removing it is difficult. I use a credit card to pry my iPhone free. Since you have to do this to control the phone, this gets annoying.

The increased size of the iPhone 5 screen doesn't result any apparent increase in size of the movie. Remember you are playing two movies right next together--the video is super wide. But now I don't have to keep my old iPhone 4 around anymore.

Update on 2003-11-12

The iPhone 5s works with the Brando 3D Viewer. In fact it fits a bit better, the 5s must be the tinyest bit smaller. So you don't have to pry out your phone with a  credit card. It fits normal now—not going to fall out, can get it out.

3D 8" LCD Movie Player (Glasses Free)

This 3D movie player offers you a solution to enjoy 3D movies without the glasses. I saw a Nintendo 3DS and thought the 3D effect was pretty good. The was a bit of ghosting until you tilt your head just right. People say this player has similar results. The price ($155) is about the same except no games and you can see your own movies on it. I have content from testing out the Hasbro my3D for the iPhone, so I'd like to try it next.

Update on 2011-09-15 21:58 by James Chi

I just received the 3D media player, and I'm pretty happy with it. The resolution of the LCD is excellent. The 3D effect is very good once you position the player (or yourself) in the sweat spot. It is a little annoying that the sweat spot is very specific, so if you tilt you head in anyway the picture quality is effected. Less annoying than wearing another set of glasses or looking through a periscope however. The player has about 4GB of on-board memory, however 32GB SD cards work just fine. media encoded for the Hasbro my3D work, but need to be stretched to fill the screen with the built-in stretch feature. The video is too low in resolution for this player. I recommend reencoding to take advantage of the resolution of the screen. Use the iPad2 preset in Handbrake. Unlike the my3D settings maintain the original aspect ratio. Do remove the added 5.1 audio track since it won't be needed. You will need to do this to lower the file size. Why is this important? Because the file system of a 32GB SD card doesn't like video files over 4GB in size. Many 3D movies in mkv format will exceed this limit, so that's another reason to reencode. A finished movie should be less than 2GB. Try using a data rate of 1800 kbps, that is my default setting.

When the video is finished processing, change the file extension to .mp4 and copy the file to the root directory of the SD card. Inserting the card will allow you to access them in the Movies section of the payer interface. Playing the movie will default to 2D mode, so press and hold the back button to switch to 3D mode.

In 3D mode a badge will appear in the lower left hand corner. It is useful to help you find the sweat spot position, but is distracting when you try to watch the movie. Get rid of it, by pressing the down button on the cursor pad. Then press the center play button. It also fast forwards the video a bit, but the badge will go away.

Overall very happy with the purchase and recommend to people who like 3D movies.

Update on 2011-09-17 17:11 by James Chi

There is a 4GB files size limit with 32GB SD cards, but I also found out the player crashes on mp4 files over 2GB. It was just luck that my first couple of movies fell within the limit. Testing different data rates to balance file size and quality.

Update on 20113-11-12 by James Chi

Getting my 3D media player is now difficult. Looks like the new models are Android based and $100 more expensive. Still enjoy using my older, Android free version.


Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 IF EX DG HSM Standard Zoom Lens for Sony DSLR Cameras

Sigma's 24-70mm F2.8 IF EX DG HSM is an updated version of this focal length developed in response to the needs of serious photographers asking for hypersonic motor for fast Focus response. Also included is the full-time manual over-ride allowing instant control in low-light situations. Whether you're shooting in fast paced situations or low light situations this Lens can handle it. Approximately 30% smaller and lighter than its competitors from the major camera manufacturers, it's a dream to handle and carry on your camera all day long. Its price is surprisingly affordable for a top-flight Professional lens of this caliber. Finally, its outstanding Optical formulation makes it a great performer when used for scenic views and landscapes.

Ouch - $899. Sony's 28-75mm f/2.8 SAM lens is $799. I'm going to have to save my pennies either way.

Twelve South BookBook 12-1015 Carrying Case for iPad

The BookBook Case for iPad 2 is a handmade one-of-a-kind, hardback leather case that doubles as a fully adjustable stand. Along with its vintage looks, this case makes iPad feel as if you're holding a real book, and in many ways you are holding a book. BookBook for iPad forms a safe cocoon around your prized iPad. The hardback cover and spine provide impact protection, while the hard protective inner frame offers crush protection. Hand distressed covers mean no two look alike. As a bonus, the unique design of this case disguises iPad for an extra level of stealthy security.

I really like the look of this case and the fact that it put the iPad in stealth mode. The $70 price on the other hand seems high. Maybe it will come down, or I'll find something similar.

Black Rapid RS-4 Camera Strap RS41RB - Black

The Black Rapid RS-4 Camera Strap (Black) is a lightweight and low profile strap with a sizing adjustment located on the front for quick adjustments. The R-Strap is worn diagonally across the torso from shoulder to hip and is adjustable to fit most photographers. The locking ridges of the FastenR-3 locking ridges provide a firm connection between your camera and FastenR. The R3 is finished in black nickel and provides a fast, easy a simple attachment system. Once connected, the camera hangs upside down, resting securely at the side or in the small of the back, with the Lens pointing behind. It has a quick access, secure pocket for storing two extra Memory cards in their protective cases. The strap has a pad with a mesh underside for comfort and breathability.

I have used Sony digital cameras for a while now, and I still love to use my Sony A700 dslr. I love the images the A700 produces, but one of the downsides of the camera is the physical size and weight of the camera. I think the size and weight of the camera helps steady my shots, but after carrying it around for a while you really start to feel it, especially when you have a large zoom lens on it. The Black Rapid strap system looked like a good way to redistribute the weight for more comfortable use, but the cost seemed too high to justify.

Luckily there now seem to be cheaper alternatives, for around $15. I was concerned about relying on them to hold hundreds of dollars of equipment, but after examining two of them I feel safe they can both do the job. One had a strap that was a little too short to be used cross wise, but still worked great one shoulder.

And now the cheaper version from the original company.... :)


WiebeTech MJ-1 Mouse Jiggler

The WiebeTech Mouse Jiggler has saved my bacon a couple of times, mostly because of draconian enterprise security policies. Some organizations have the a PC's system so locked down you can't disable the screensaver (password lock). But what if the PC is suppose to be public accessible (survey entry), or a demo machine, or a presentation machines, or a... etc. The Mouse Jiggler is a USB device that emulates a mouse that slowly (the beat or a heart) moves one pixel to the left and right. With this device in the USB bus, the system will never be idle. $17

Note: There is a fast version (which is blue) that runs fast enough to make real mouse input difficult. Not sure why you would want this, the slow version works well.

Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 Aspherical Fisheye Lens for Sony DSLR Cameras

I like taking really wide shots with my camera, especially scenes with people in them. Since I use APS-C digital cameras my lens aren't as wide as I'd like them to be, so I usualy make panorama in Photoshop. This Rokinon lens seems like it will do the job in one shot. I'd like it to be faster f/2.8 instead of f/3.5, but $289 looks like a good trade off price.