iPad Workshops


Our workshops will help you learn how to move information to and from your device, how to perform tasks, exchange data between apps, and break down complex projects into a series of simple steps. There are no prerequisites. The workshop content starts out simple. Then quickly moves on to solutions to common problems and what you have to do to get a project done.

The workshops cover a range of topics, such as... using the iPad as an everyday computer, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, video production, photo retouching, graphic design, creating content for the iPad, remote access, and more. You’ll be amazed at what you can do.

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Workshop Catalog

These workshops are instructor led demonstrations. Free wireless internet is provided to participants, who are encouraged to bring their own devices and follow along 


Getting Started
Replacing a computer with an iPad? Let us help you setup your iPad to take care of everyday tasks. Use the Internet. Make free phone calls. Create and print documents. Entertain yourself with music, books, tv shows, and movies. Learn tips, get advice. Get the most from your iPad. (3-hours, $50)


Productivity Workshop
With new devices, Apple gives you some of the best mobile software available for free. Learn how to use them here. Learn the iWork suite of apps (Pages–word processing, Numbers–spreadsheets, and Keynote–presentations). An introduction to video (iMovie) and image editing (iPhoto) is also included. (4-days, $800)


Photographer's Workshop
This workshop will show you how to transfer photos, back up photos on your memory cards & iPad, use an iPad as a remote trigger, and tethered shooting. Try retouching workflows especially adapted for iOS... Color correct photos, repair damaged photos, and help people look their best. Sign up! (4-days, $800)


Graphic Designer's Workshop
The iPad can be more than a glorified sketchpad or control surface. Create graphics, edit images, and design page layout. Use your existing font and art libraries. Print from and scan to your iPad. Use what you create in actual projects. Set yourself up for success. Great for beginners just starting out or the emergency project for professionals. (4-days, $800)


Photo Retouching Workshop
Love Photoshop? Create from the iPad for a fraction of the price. Learn methods for color correction. Work with layers and masks to composite images. Try iOS adapted workflows for restoration and portraiture. Find apps that are Photoshop replacements. Remove blemishes, rebuild eyes, smooth skin, adjust depth of field, and improve dynamic range (3 days, $600)


Video Editing Workshop
Give your videos a professional look. Create exiciting movies by removing the boring bits. Edit your footage to tell a story. Learn non-linear editing with iMovie and Pinnacle Studio. Add photos, music, transitions and titles. Contol the style, pace and mood of your project. Create your masterpiece, and share it from the iPad. (3 days, $600)


Keynote Workshop
If you need to give and create presentations, you don’t need a PC anymore. An iPad will take care of most of your needs. Let us show you how. Create presentations from scratch. Start from a template or create a unique look. Make points with charts and graphs. Include your own or videos from YouTube. Connect to a projector and make a impact. (2 days, $400)


Pages Workshop
Everything you need to create great documents. Make stunning resumes and reports. Create beautiful letters and flyers. Start from a template and make it your own, or create something uniue. Add photos and graphics. Use your data with tables and graphs. Read and create MS Word documents. Make PDFs. Print and scan from your iPad. (Two 3-hr. sessions, $200)


Numbers Workshop
Spreadsheets don’t have to be digital ledgers. You would be surprised at all the uses people have found for them. The Numbers app is designed to encourage those uses, so can be odd for experienced users. Let us guide you through it. Add graphics and media to make smart forms. Use it as a simple database. Explore the magic of numbers. (Two 3-hr. sessions, $200)


Illustration Workshop
ogos, clipart, diagrams, charts & graphs... vector based illustration will let you take the design for a mobile app icon and turn it into a billboard. When you need maximum flexibility, vector art is the answer! Learn tricks to save you time. Work with SVGs. Import and export EPS files. Create artwork and sell it commercially. (2 days, $400)


Audio Workshop
Record and edit audio on the iPad. Record meetings. Make podcasts, music, ring tones and soundtracks. Connect USB devices, microphones, and instruments. Try out and see what works, then buy what you need. Convert your old records and tapes to MP3s. Reduce noise and amplify audio too low to hear. (Two 3-hr. sessions, $200)


Author's eBook Workshop
Are you an author looking to self publish? Need to add multimedia to training material or documentation? This workshop will help you ereate ePubs suitable for store submission. We'll cover page formatting, cover design, multimedia, and interactivity. Find out what you need to produce a great eBook. (Two 3-hr. sessions, $200)

Streaming Video Workshop
Have a huge DVD collection? Why let them gather dust on your bookshelf? Access your content whenever the mood strikes. Watch from your living room TV or on the road from your phone. Learn how to convert your content to digital format suitable for streaming. Metatag you content with automated workflows. Configure your computer/ network to stream to mobile devices. (Five 3-hr. sessions, $400)


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